Innovative Teaching App

We are building an application that will introduce new form of teaching pedagogy and marketing solutions for companies targeted at kids. We see a trend of kids with increased interactions with mobile phones and thus, we thought of a solution to make learning experiences for kids and at the same time offer innovative marketing solutions for companies for whom, kids are their consumer base.

We intend to build model which will be online and offline. The online platform will offer online games and instructions for offline models. We intend to build kits based on which kids will spend time at home and work on building kits and it will inculcate ‘Learning-By-Doing’ model.We have a volunteer program which will involve CSR activities from various companies to help underprivileged students with education and other needs.We don’t only give than kits and application but we change the attitude of students towards studies.We basically try to strong base of students because everyone knows that if base is not strong than any building can destroyed easily.So over main objective is to build strong base for students for new generation of Incredible India.The innovation is the online offline connect and the one in all package that we are offering. We believe that the most important part of a child’s career is his base that is being built in the growing years and that is what we are tapping.

Why our Product is unique?

The start-ups that are our indirect competition are chasing the student’s numbers and focusing on the academics and not on the core concepts on which a student’s overall development is based. We have developed a product that focus on overall concept of the student.

Benefits for your audience

FUN…First and foremost your app will be fun. We all know how boring it can be to scroll through an endless feed of images and product shots on social media, with the occasional video to boot. BORING! With interactive learning app, multiplayer options and leader boards, we’re putting the social back into social media. Not only will your kids love interacting with your app but shall also enjoy reaping tangible rewards, just for playing your game. Everyone loves rewards. Incentivised user interaction for your app is a win-win for both children and parents.

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