How UI quantifies the learning process through an app?

User Interface is everything that made into an information device with which person may is the way that the user interacts with the application. the user interface design of the mobile app is associated with its structure and feel that means how your app looks like and interacting with its user.

The structure of the information, commands, and content in an app should reverberate those of the operating system in placement, composition, and colors. while apps may separate to some degree in style, consistency on most of these points allows users to understand.

Click point use for touch-based selection with the finger. this means a click point cannot be too narrow in any direction, to neglect unwanted selection of nearby stuff. increasing the content window size.on small screens, the UI should not unnecessarily dominate the screen size. its always important to recognize that the object of a UI is to facilitate the use of content and apps, not only for the interface.

The number of controls or commands displayed at any given time should be appropriate to avoid content is challenging to consider a balance between attending to design consideration and dealing with the specific requirements of different apps. thus, an app UI should be customized for each operating system, as that is the visual language the device user will be typically most familiar that end, mobile os developers generally provides resources to familiarize UI designers with the way their Operating system does its interface.