Top 10 tactics to improvise productivity through telephone broadcasting.

Tactics to improving productivity through the telephone broadcast
1.Fast response:
Person should immediate response to the customers or clients so they can fulfil their requirements in time.
2.Access from anywhere:
person should availabe to the market for alltime and it is possible through telephone. telephone gives freedom to the person that he does not need to stay at anyplace for work.
3.helpful marketing.
productivity should bring the good quality stuff and also require stuff to the people.people can make shopping from anywhere through the telephone.
4.Secure transaction
every transaction should is necessary to have secure environment for every most of every transcaction need OTP(one time password)which can be use only in two minute for that transaction.
5.High resolution video conference
people should use high definition video camera and arrange video conferencing between manufactures and sellers or different manufactures so that they can solve their problems and make effective production.
6.Social media
productivity is direct connects with the social media is getting people can easily know about new companies and new technologies which are coming day to day on the social media.productivity should be
7. stay with the product:
person need to be efficient with the product and the goal of the production.he needs to stay with the prior list that shoud be first.
8. time is everything.
person should start his speaking about his product and the reason of the call and As the old saying goes, time is money, and no one can afford to waste time on the phone in this time. By limiting the call, both in the amount of time scheduled tand the number of participants, you will see an increase in the overall effectiveness of what you accomplish.
10. object achieve:
people can know about the quantity of stuff in any time.every productivity should have a specific objective, and once that objective is reached then the productivity goes for the next level.
11.customer requirements.
productivity always depends on customer’s requirement. so production should be as customer’s critarea and in the middle of production people can call for additional information or a brief summary about the product and also can change their requirements.